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I Am Now A Democrat ... or what we'll call, an ex-GOP

"As we have all seen for a number of years, Donald Trump has destroyed, keeps destroying, and will continue destroying the Republican Party. It's not even a serious party anymore. They have accomplished nothing since Trump slinked into the White House. He actually lost to Hillary Clinton by over 3 million votes saved only by the electoral college which has been outdated for many years. And after witnessing that debacle on January 6, 2021 that was choreographed by Trump, I registered as a Democrat or "ex-GOP". I have come to identify with the Democrats as they actually care about people instead of the Reflublicans that kiss Trump's ass.. I have a link to learn more about how I came to be an ex-GOP and learn about some other items that have driven me to register as a Democrat. Please check them out.. (Click Here to learn more)

Here are some of my feelings on what I see happening to America and our political system. I have never been much into politics ... until now. The 2020 election gave me the bug and the events before and after the election have been very compelling and difficult not to discuss. Back in 1971, they lowered the voting age to 18 and I was one of the first ones to vote in the 1971 election. Local media was even there to interview us younger voters to get a feel for how we felt about being part of creating solutions for our country. That was really cool to be a part of. For almost 50 years I was a registered Republican, you know, supposed to be "less government and lower taxes". But things have changed big time and now I am an "ex-GOP", a registered Democrat, because Trumpty Dumpty has wrecked everything and Retrumplicans never do anything anymore.

Why Am I A Democrat Now?
Simply put, I feel the Grand Old Party has Given up On People and effectively "cancelled" all of us. Republicanism is the idea in which elected leaders represent the interests of the people. But not anymore. The current focus of the Restublicans now is getting re-elected by kissing ass of one individual, ex-President Trump the Liar Loser and convicted criminal. He still touts his Big Lie theory that the 2020 Election was "rigged" and "stolen" from him. Many Congressional Reflublicans feel intimidated by Trump, stroking the ego of this "megalomaniac" so to garner his money and support for re-election, not getting primaried out, instead of working to support the American people. Now, I'm DONE and will not support them any longer, a party that is lying to me and their supporters with untruths. While there are a few good Republicans left, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney and Adam Kinzinger, Retroublicans have turned on them too. After Trump the Convict's Insurrection, the New York Times found that over 140,000 Republicans, so far, had quit the party.

What's Next?
Helping ALL people, be they Black, White, Brown, LGTBQ, Asian, is what Democrats do. The Covid 19 outbreak in 2020 showed us how vulnerable America can be. It was made even more difficult because ex-President Trump lied to us (he likes to lie), saying they "had it under control" and it would be gone in a few weeks. Except for encouraging drug companies to develop a vaccine, which they probably would have done anyway, he did nothing else. Lying about the Coronavirus situation is one of the reasons why he lost the election. Recovering from the epidemic and helping America come back economically and rebuild our country's infrastructure is something President Biden and the Democrats are totally focused on, without any help from Reclumplicans. That is something I am willing to support.Senate Recrumblicans actially had 50 no votes for the American Rescue Plan which Trump could never get done. My job is to encourage everyone to vote for every Democrat Candidate to gain complete control of Congress to "get things done" for us all.

My primary objective, with your help, is to vote in as many Democrats in 2022 and 2024, and eliminate all the Reflublicans, especially the ones who support Trump the Liar Loser. So here are the Retroublican candidates we need to eliminate from office, starting with the Senate.




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